How To Take Care Of Your Breast

01 Tips to keep your breast healthy


Take care of your breast


Take care of your breast, Breast cancer has been an important concern for a long time. In the recent past, awareness of breast cancer has increased too fast. Now People have started taking methods for their breast health more seriously and have started examining themselves on a regular basis for any changes. Diet, exercising and regular examination of your breasts are a few things that you may do to detect any possible cause of concern before it turns into something serious and affects your overall health. But there are some other ways of keeping ourselves healthy and reducing the chances of breast cancer and other breast-related issues.


02 ​Moisturise


Take care of your breast


It might just take a minute for you to apply some moisturiser to your breast. But this is an important step to keep your breasts healthy. The skin around the nipples and the breast are thin and sensitive. They need a little extra care and applying a thick layer of moisturizer is the best thing you can do to prevent dryness and breast soreness. If you notice any redness or rashes after applying the cream, then do not use it again and try something else, Take care of your breast.


03 Massage


Take care of your breast.


There are many lymph nodes present around the breasts which carry a fluid called lymph. This fluid helps to prevent the risk of developing many types of illnesses. Massaging helps to stimulate the lymph in different directions. After applying lotion, massage your breasts for 10 minutes towards your heart. Massaging also helps you to relax your heart.


04 ​Increase your vitamin intake


Take care of your breast


Studies suggest that less intake of vitamin D by diet can be a reason for breast cancer in some women. Doctors also suggest that high vitamin D levels increase the chances of survival after being diagnosed with breast cancer. So, in any case, vitamin D intake is essential for breast health and you must try to get it every day. Apply good sunscreen when you step into the sun and eat more vitamin D rich foods, Take care of your breast.




05 ​Pick up the right bra


Take care of your breast


Get the right size bra. This might seem like a common thing, but you will be surprised to know that 78% of women wear the wrong size bra. When your breasts do not get proper support the tissue starts to stretch and descend sooner. So, measure your breast size every year and buy the correct size of bra according to your breast size. In the case of a sports bra, replace them every three or six months.


06 ​Eat dark colour grapes


Take care of your breast


Eating healthy is one thing, but some foods have special containment to reduce the risk of breast cancer like dark colored grapes. The skin of grapes has anti-cancer properties that may protect your breast skin from damage that could cause cancer. So, have some grapes regularly to keep your breasts healthy. Besides, add some folic acid to your diet, Take care of your breast.






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