Vigourplus-M herbal capsule


Key Features

  • 100% organic herbal capsule
  • Delay premature ejaculation
  • cures erectile dysfunction
  • vitality & Stamina
  • Helps in increase sperms, increases vital fluids & useful in insomnia, muscular weakness.

Ingredients that are needed:

Gokhru ext (tributes terrestris) 110 mg, Nagkeshar ext (mesua ferrea) 80 mg, Kaunch beej ext (mucuna pruriens) 60 mg, Javitry ext (myristica fragrans) 50 mg, Akarkara ext (anacyclus pyrethrum)30 mg,  Shatavari ext (asparagus racemosus) 20 mg, Ashwagandha ext (hygrophila spinonsa) 20 mg, Talmakhana  ext (hygrophila spinosa) 20 mg, Jaiphal ext (myristica  fragrances)20 mg, Safed musli ext (myristica fragrans)20 mg, Keshar (crocus sativus)10 mg,  Shilajeet shudh (asphaltum purified) 30 mg, Vang bhasma 20 mg, Makardhawaj 10 mg.

Return: 10 Days

Vigourplus-M herbal capsule Natural pills for men to increase vigour, vitality and Erectile Dysfuction in men. It is specifically formulated using Shuddh Shilajit, Swet Musli, Ashwagandha, Gokhru, and other Natural ingredient that have been used for centuries in Ayurveda. These natural herbs improve men’s stamina, strength, vitality and overall health. They also aid stress reduction and anxiety alleviation leading to increased energy testosterone levels in men. Vigourplus-M herbal capsule

Vigourplus-M herbal capsule


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