Non Surgical Breast Augmentation Methods For Women 


Non Surgical Breast Augmentation Methods For Women are one of the major changes that many women wish for. Every woman wants to have larger breast sizes. Although the common method known and applied is breast enlargement surgery, some of the women do not go with this having plastic surgery because they do not want to go with the operation process and are afraid of leaving post operation scars (although the same scars remain after the medical surgery). Here, too, they resort to alternative methods for breast enlargement.


We list some Non Surgical Breast Augmentation Methods For Women for you that you should try before Botox, drugs and surgeries:



Non Surgical Breast Augmentation Methods For Women


Diet is the main key to change yourself  externally as well as enterally.  . It is a method that can be applied and shaped for nutrition-controlled and correct weight gain. If you want to enlarge breasts and do it naturally, you will need to gain some weight. Non Surgical Breast Augmentation Methods For Women


If you want to increase your bust size naturally , you need to gain good fats & weight and do it in a controlled or manageable way. Because you don’t want to accumulate fat in the waist and lower back area when you want to enlarge the bust… For this, it is important to consume foods rich in high estrogen content or to consume foods that will affect the formation of estrogen hormone. The following foods can help to increase estrogen levels in your body ;


  • Peach
  • Olives and olive oil
  • Sesame
  • Flaxseeds
  • Say products
  • Chickpeas
  • Nuts (especially pistachio, horse chestnuts and walnuts)
  • Milk
  • Strawberry
  • Multigrain
  • Dried fruits (dates, damsons and apricots)


  • Exercise


Non Surgical Breast Augmentation Methods For Women


Chest and upper body exercises will help your breast muscles grow and thus have fuller & thicker breasts. This type of exercise is one of the most important methods for a healthy bust enlargement without any harmful surgery. In addition, since it will also contribute in terms of general health, you will have two benefits at once. Non Surgical Breast Augmentation Methods For Women


Let’s list the exercises you can do for bust enlargement & and good health:


  • Wall Presses: Stand upright with your hands on the wall with your arms straight. Then, just like doing push-ups, bring your chest closer to the wall and lift yourself back up.


  • Chest Press Extensions: Lie on your back and bring your thighs close to your hips. Fill your waistline. Grab two dumbbells in your hands, and move the weights up and down at chest level with your palms facing forward.


  • Horizontal Chest Press: Extend your arms to your sides with your elbows at your sides, palms facing forward, and hands up. Slowly fold your arms in front of you and open them back.


  • Prayer Pose: Position your hands in front of your chest with your palms touching. Slowly stretch your arms forward and pull them back toward you with your fingertips pointing outward.


  • Arm Presses: Begin the movement by standing straight with your legs together. Open your arms to the sides and back with your palms facing forward. Slowly bring your arms straight in front of you and open them to the sides again.


  • Arm Circles: Stand straight with your legs together. Stretch your arms out to both sides. Move your arms in small circles, first backwards and then forwards


 . Select the Right Bra for yourself



Non Surgical Breast Augmentation Methods For Women


With some illusion, you can naturally make your bust look bigger & thicker. Even if it is known that bras that do not fit well are worn, using a padded bra may not create a very pleasant appearance and may cause your bust to look fake & artificial. Non Surgical Breast Augmentation Methods For Women


Measure your breast size and try the pushup model bra of different brands with different outfits you wear. Find an alternative breast size for yourself called “sister size”. For example, if you normally wear a 32 C bra size, this size may differ in other brands. Decide which brand of bra looks better on yourself . You can also externally add silicone pads. Different sized breast pads help you quickly enlarge your bust size and have a fuller & thicker appearance.



 . Do Chest Makeup



Non Surgical Breast Augmentation Methods For Women


Although it may sound strange, chest makeup has one of the most used methods for bust enlargement among women in recent trends. With the help of a supportive bra and paper napkins for bust contouring that you need to apply after you put on your clothes, you can ensure that your clothes do not get make-up.


In order for the best make-up to be seen as a whole and be natural, the neck, collarbones and, if necessary, the shoulders should also be colored. The dark lines drawn between the two bust in the shape of a half moon, the illuminator drawn on the chest and the distribution of colors with the help of a brush will add depth and volume to the breast. Non Surgical Breast Augmentation Methods For Women


. Keep Your Posture Upright



Non Surgical Breast Augmentation Methods For Women


Always pay attention to your posture. Keeping the shoulders back, arms at the sides and free and a straight back are two details that will help you look taller and your chest wider. Proper posture.  Non-Surgical Non Surgical Breast Augmentation Methods For Women


  • It can help you do your exercises in better form.
  • May help strengthen the abdominal area
  • May strengthen blood flow and digestion
  • May increase your lung capacity
  • It can reduce your joint problems
  • Provides less pressure on neck and shoulders
  • Helps reduce your back pain
  • Shows the person more self-confident
  • Gives less headaches
  • May raise energy levels

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