Natural breast firming lotion

Natural breast firming lotion is designed to help in tightening, firming and toning of the breast. This lotion is a unique formulation and contains a mix of herbs and other ingredients. This lotion promotes firms uplifted breast. The best feature of this lotion is that it helps to prevents  loss of firmness of breast and enhance the texture of the skin, with this lotion, woman will get a well-rounded appearance of their breast.

Natural breast firming lotion

What it is: Natural breast firming lotion A natural treatment for sagging breast. A simple lotion treatment provides complete breast nourishment with breast tightening and firming lotion.

What it does: This lotion provide Tissue Nourishment Lotion with Almond and olive Oil contains special plant extracts that work naturally to firm, tone, and strengthen the delicate skin of the bust and decollete?, Advance breast firming lotion with almond oil & Olive oil tightens and improve appearance, firmness of the breast. In this sensitive area, it minimizes the appearance of skin slackness to create a more pleasing body contour. This lotion support the breast where firmness and tone are needed. It is very gentle enough to use as part of a regular beauty routine and is recommended to minimize signs of aging, after weight loss, or after pregnancy.

Natural breast firming lotion

What else you need to know: ‘BOOZCLUB’ skin professionals is Leaping BOOZCLUB Healthcare certified, PETA and vegan certified. BOOZCLUB Natural breast firming lotion  provides everyday essentials for our skin and targeted skincare benefits that deliver lasting results, immediate relief and feel-good textures. This lotion are formulated with only clean, ingredients good for skin that are carefully selected so you don’t have to worry about what’s in (and not in) your skincare products.




Direction to use : Apply lotion gently around the breast lining and massage in upward and outward direction for 2-3 min. Massage until the lotion is absorbed completely. for all skin type

Key Ingredients : Bail oil 3%, Kumari oil 2%, Neem oil 1.5 %, Jamun oil 1%, Barh oil 2%, Peepli oil 2%, Arjuna oil 0.5%, Almond oil 2%, Olive oil 0.5%

for best result apply twice a day


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