How to Increase Breast Size by Massage in 10 Steps

How to Increase Breast Size by Massage in 10 Steps


Are you unsatisfied with your breasts ?  You might be shocked & surprised to learn that 90 percent of women answer “yes they are unsatisfied with your breasts ” to this question. Many of them worry about the breast size and others cry over the shape, Increase Breast Size by Massage.


Increase Breast Size by Massage


Breasts are the most important defining moments in your life. Pregnancy, drastic loss of weight , menopause – these factors are the main causing the breasts to lose their perky upright shape and sag or shrink. Medical surgery can also be a way out, but how are most women actually afraid or do not want to do it, especially after knowing the possible side effects of breast augmentation surgery?



Learn how to Increase Breast Size by Massage your breast, in the right way.



1. Learn the Benefits of Breast Massage


Does breast massage really work? It sounds strange, to say the least. By Increase Breast Size by Massage might seem like an enjoyable  foreplay exercise, but how can it prove breast size? Breast massage began as an ancient practice called “female deer exercise.”


Increase Breast Size by Massage

Meanwhile, in ancient times women had no idea why the massage worked, modern doctors suggest that the reason is the increased amount of blood flow to the breasts vessels that leads to the production of a hormone called prolactin. This is the hormone our bodies produce in the times of pregnancy and breastfeed children, Increase Breast Size by Massage.



Also a theory that breast massage reduces the amount of blood lost during the menstruation cycle ; however, there is also no scientific proof yet.


Breast massage also triggers the release of oxytocin hormone. This hormone also helps prevent breast cancer, alleviate the symptoms of PMS and stop cyst formation. 


2. Give It Time


How fast will a bust massage work?? After how many days my breast was looking bigger?  Well This is the most common question every lady asks when they start doing breast massage. Some sources say that it will take just a couple of days or weeks, but on the other hand others report that it can take months or years.


Increase Breast Size by Massage


It all depends on how religiously or continuously you approach this exercise. If you follow the rules correctly & properly and don’t skip any sessions, you will most likely start noticing the results in about two weeks. Mainly women see improvement after about a month of daily Increase Breast Size by Massage.


Breast massage is not a quick fix result for your breast size or breast tightness problem. You will need to spend a good amount of time each and every day, doing the massage. The best results are reached by women who spend at least 10 minutes in the morning and in the evening performing the procedure.


Remember, you will need to practice it every single day even after you get the desired result. Breast massage works only while you are doing it. Once you stop massaging, your breasts will go back to the previous size in just a couple of weeks.


3. How to Increase Breast Size by Massage: Quick and Easy Tips


Increase Breast Size by Massage


Before you start the massage of your breast, Fous at these quick massage tips that will help you get an attractive breast.


  • Start with 2-3 min of massage. If 2-3 minutes seems too much at first, you can do two. Less time will not have any effect. 2-3 minutes is about 200 rotations.
  • To get the best results, massage your breasts for at least more than 5 minutes.
  • Massage must be done twice a day.
  • Not to skip a single session. The more you skip the sessions, the worse the result will be seen in your breast.
  • Prolactin hormone is commonly active at night compared to the whole day, so one of your massage sessions must be done before bed.
  • Use boozclub bustfit cream or with olive oil to do the massage; otherwise, it might be painful and uncomfortable for you.
  • Don’t apply too much force or pressure on your breasts. If the massage hurts, you are not doing massage in the right way and it can have unfortunate consequences unless you are using a breast slapping technique.
  • Do not forget the area underneath your breasts and under your arms. Massaging these places too will promote better blood circulation and help to appear a good thick and firming breast.
  • Remember to always massage inwards.
  • Do not touch your nipples while doing the massage.
  • Use different types of massage techniques throughout the day.

4. Warm Up Your Hands



Increase Breast Size by Massage

Massaging your breast with cold hands could be an unpleasant experience. So if you massage your breast with bustfit cream or an oil, squeeze it onto your palm and rub your hands together for a 1 minute. Do not over limit  it, or the oil will be absorbed by your skin. After your hands are warmed up, you can go on to enjoying the procedure.

5. Find a Relaxing Pose


Increase Breast Size by Massage


While 5 minutes of massage might not feel like too much at first, but when you start doing it regularly , you’ll realize that time is going by slowly as before. Find a relaxing pose according to you that will help you get through proper massage with a relaxed feeling without experiencing discomfort.


Once you are good at the massaging technique and start doing it whenever you feel comfortable, e.g  you can do while you are just learning & in front of T.V


6. Ask for Help

Increase Breast Size by Massage

Massaging breasts can become an enjoyable process when you ask your sister, mother or husband to do it. Most likely it will turn into something more serious , why not? Why do you spend a boring 5-10 minutes massaging your boobs when you can make it more enjoyable?


Breast massage before and after sexual is a nice way to boost the production of estrogen in the body which helps to improve breast – the female estrogen hormone that plays a very important role in the breast growth process naturally. That’s why don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your partner will enjoy it, too.



7. Choose the Right Massage Oil or Cream


Using olive oil or bustfit cream for massaging breasts is optional but recommended. Rubbing your breast skin without using any oil,cream and lubricant can be rather painful and uncomfortable for you won’t allow you to do the massage for as long as you’d like, Increase Breast Size by Massage.


Selecting a good massage cream or oil is easy. Natural massage oils are available on vedicayurvedas. Consider purchasing Olive oil, almond oil. You can also go for coco butter and vitamin E oil. Make sure not to over use the oil when applying it to your breasts for massage. It’s much harder to do a proper massage on an over-slipper skin. Apply just enough to avoid any redness or soreness.



Increase Breast Size by Massage


There are also special creams available on booz club that can help you on your way to breast enlargement and looking good. Using them while doing a breast massage is your best bet. Consider such breast enlargement creams as:




  • Booz club –Advanced breast firming cream with almond oil & olive oil tightens and improves appearance, firmness of the breast .


  • Natural – Natural & organic cream and oil increase the same natural growth process you go through during the age of pregnancy and puberty.


  • Breast Actives lotions – Booz club breast firming lotion lotion that firms, tightens and softens skin on your breasts and promotes natural growth of the breast.


8. Eat foods which helps to enhance breast


Another tip that will help enlarge your breast size naturally, while you are doing the breast massage, is also important to eat the right food which helps to enlarge your breast. There are many natural foods that can do wonders to the way your breast looks, if consumed on a regular basis in your diet plan.


Increase Breast Size by Massage

Next time you go to the market, shop or stock up on the following yummies:


  • Clover
  • Red and green peppers
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Walnuts
  • Fenugreek
  • Beets
  • Cucumber
  • Plums
  • Cherries
  • Chicken
  • Chickpeas
  • Beans
  • Apples


9. Visually Increase Your Bust Size


While you are waiting for the breast massage to start working, you can also use a few great and simple tips to make your bust look bigger compared to before . Here are some tips to help you to do Increase Breast Size by Massage.



Increase Breast Size by Massage



  • Push-Up Bra: Finding a perfect push-up bra for you is much harder than we think. Forget about ordering from the internet. Spend your time going through the many varieties of bras available at the market, shops to get the one that makes your breasts look their fullest and attractive. Ask for a “maximizer” bra. A good bra will not only lift up your bust and make them look larger, it will also make you comfortable and soft for your skin.

  • Breast makeup: The right breast makeup can make your bust looking larger in public. Do some contouring on your breast, too. Brush a bit of bronzer on the sides of the breast and apply some shimmer on top or in the middle of the breast. By creating contrast, the makeup will make your bust look rounder and firmer. Make sure not to over the makeup on the breast or the effect won’t be subtle.

  • Square Your Shoulders: Maintaining a good standing posture is imperative to making your bust appear attractive & larger. Stand in front of your room mirror and practice this tip. First, strike a relaxed pose that you are used to. Then square your shoulders and lift your chin. See how your breasts look larger than before. Try to maintain a good posture throughout the whole day.

  • Show Some Skin of your breast: Don’t hide your breast cleavage under turtlenecks. A good chosen t-shirt or shirt will outline the firmness and thickness of your breast. Spend some time choosing the right clothing to help your breasts look sexy and attractive. Don’t wear V-neck shirts and dresses since they accentuate the small size of your breast.

  • Get the Wrong Bra Size: Sounds strange?? Let me explain. purchase a bra with a shorter strap but a larger cup than you normally do. For example, if you always wear 32B, try to get 34C. This trick will push your breasts up and make them look larger.

  • Two Bra Trick: Use the two bra tricks. Sew the cups close together. It will push your breasts closer to each other and make them look fuller. Criss-cross the back straps of your bra. This trick will cause a great push-up effect on your breast.


10. Advantage of Feng Shui Breast Massage


Increase Breast Size by Massage

Feng Shui bust massage targeting on circulating the energy through your breasts area and the rest of the body. The result should follow in about three to four weeks.


  • Make fists with each hand and place it on both breasts one by one. Make circular motions with your knuckles. Repeat the motion 10 to 20 times.
  • Grab your breast and then slap it normally or easily(without using too much force). Repeat this sequence 40 times.
  • Claw each breast one by one with both hands from the outside and toward the nipple. Repeat the motion 25 times for each breast.
  • Squeeze each of your breasts about 15 times.
  • Support one breast with your left hand and do a circular breast massage of the top part with your right hand. Repeat 10 times for each of your breasts.
  • Feng Shui breast massage has to be done for at least 10 minutes for each breast.


It’s very hard to see your bust growing when you look at it in the mirror every single day. In order to track the progress of your breast, make a “before” picture and keep taking photos each month. You will surely see the best results for yourself.


Now you know how to increase bust size by food, massage and exercises is only the first step. The main key to getting a big and beautiful breast is following the daily routine. If you skip your massages too often, no results will follow in your breast size. So prepare yourself for a long journey to the most beautiful breast. You can get through it easier than you think, Increase Breast Size by Massage.


















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