How to get perfect curvy butt for women in 2021

How to get perfect curvy butt for women


Most females asked this question “ How to get a perfect curvy butt for women ” It means most women face the problem related to butt. So we found some exercise to help get rid of this problem. If you want to make your butt round faster, read this article completely to get full information and at the end, we have a surprise for you.  


How to get perfect curvy butt for women


Face the truth, most women are not blessed with rounded butts. But now don’t worry. If you want to get an attractive and rounded butt, all you need is to regularly do the right workout and muscle mind connection.

To make your round & bubbly buttocks dreams come true, So for this, I have made a list of 8 exercises that target the right muscles of your butt. choose any 4 of these exercises and perform them for 25-30 minutes every day without skipping any single day except 1 day’s of rest in a week. To make your task even easier for you, we have presented exercises that do not require any equipment to perform.



Rainbow Leg Lift


How to get perfect curvy butt for women


If you have desired to have the same butt as the perfect butt of Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima, know that this is the exercise she does to keep in perfect shape the whole year. Rainbow leg lift exercise basically helps move your glutes muscle both up and down, and back and forth. All 3 of your glutes are put to work. As a bonus, if any women want abs so this exercise works your abs also.



Donkey Kicks


How to get perfect curvy butt for women


Don’t judge by the name of this exercise, this is a very efficient exercise that focuses on the spot where your glutes and hamstrings muscle meets and helps tone pump the muscles of your butt. What’s more interesting is that this exercise also helps to define your abs muscles and strengthen your spinal cord. Like you get an extra bonus with incentive also. 




If you think you could be doing wrong: There is no “rocket science” that can go wrong in this exercise, but always remember to keep in mind that you should not over arch your back and also don’t turn your foot inward or outward. The lifted foot should be parallel to your lower leg.


Bound Tiger Pose



How to get perfect curvy butt for women


This exercise is just like a yoga pose warms and stretches the spine and back muscles. While there are a few other exercises also, we will stick with the classic one.






How to get perfect curvy butt for women


Squats are a basic and most important exercise that targets multiple muscles in your entire lower body including your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and you’re whole posterior.


How it’s done:


  1. Stand straight in an upright posture with your feet spread shoulder-width apart.


  1. Push your hips muscle backward, squat down, and then come up. Don’t put pressure on your knees (because it’s dangerous) and if you are a beginner squat down only until you are comfortable. Don’t push yourself over the limit.


How many reps: One repetition includes squatting down and rising back up. Do 40 reps at least.


Ski Squats


How to get perfect curvy butt for women



This exercise not only comes with a single benefit, it gives your bottom a facelift as well as it also strengthens and tones your lower legs and calves. It’s a great exercise if you want well-toned legs and well-rounded buttocks.


How it’s done:


  1. Stand straight with your feet close together with each other.


  1. Now sink back into a squat perfectly, and then rise up.


How many reps: Squatting down and rising up is one rep. Do 20 reps or just repeat the exercise for 50 seconds.


Sumo Walk


How to get perfect curvy butt for women


This exercise is important for the full lower body, especially toning your glutes, quadriceps, and hip flexors. It also focused on the hamstrings. Remember you can start doing this exercise with slow walks and later, when you get comfortable you can switch to a faster


How it’s done:


  1. As the name indicates, start off by getting into a sumo wrestler-like stance. Stand with your feet spread wide apart, with your toes slightly pointed outward for a better position.


  1. Hold your hands together in front of your chest to be in the position.


  1. Maintain a squat position and begin to move to the right. Take 10 steps.
  1. After the 10 steps toward the right, take 10 steps toward the left until you get back to the spot where you started doing this exercise.


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