5 Natural Breast Enlargement Exercise That Increases Size

5 Natural Breast Enlargement Exercise That Increases Size



Nowadays,  Everyone’s belief in having a sexy figure may be different from each other; however, based on new & modern standards, big breasts are considered hot, sexy, and attractive by most people, men, and women. In fact, a lot of females are toying with the idea of breast augmentation surgery, just to achieve the size that they wanted, 5 Natural Breast Enlargement Exercise.


5 Natural Breast Enlargement Exercise


Fortunately, you can achieve an attractive breast line without going through the harmful surgerys. With the right bust enlargement exercise, you can also see some difference in the contour of your breast and size. Here are some of the great exercises that you can incorporate into your life if you want to have larger, fuller & attractive breast size.



1. Floor Push-Ups: Develop Leaner Arms and Bigger Bust at the Same Time


If you think that push-ups are the only way for people who want to lean their arms, So you are dead wrong. This routine is also handy when you are aiming for a large bust size since it targets the pectoral muscles in the chest, which helps the breast to look bigger and pump, 5 Natural Breast Enlargement Exercise.


5 Natural Breast Enlargement Exercise


You can also do the old school floor pushup if you are a beginner and perform for the first time . While lying on your belly area, place your both hands in front of you just above the shoulders. Your palms should be flat on the floor with your elbows bent at your side.


Your toes and your palms should be the only body parts in contact with the floor. Your knees should be straight and tight. Slowly push your torso up until your arms are straight. Once you are up, gradually lower yourself to your original position, which you are as before.


First of all, you should do at least three sets with 12 push-ups per set. Exercising and doing this every other day could help you develop your pectoral muscle, which helps to look your breast, pump & attractive.


If this is too hard for you, try the adapted floor push-up with your knees on the floor. Your knees should be shoulder width apart. Follow the same steps outlined above. You can perform 8 to 12 reps twice a week.



2. Wall Push-Ups: An Easier Alternative to Floor Push-ups 


If doing floor push-ups is too hard for you in the beginning, you can try the easiest pushups -the wall push-up. To do this bust enlargement exercise at home or gym, find a sturdy surface that could support your body weight.


Stand 2-3 feet away from that wall and extend your arms forward so it would be touching the wall, 5 Natural Breast Enlargement Exercise.



5 Natural Breast Enlargement Exercise


From your current body position, push your upper-body towards the wall by bending your elbows. Hold this position for about 10-12 seconds before extending your arms to your starting position. You can also follow the same number of sets for floor push-up. That would be three sets of 8 rep in each set.



3. Elevated Push-ups: Intensify Your Upper Body Workout


5 Natural Breast Enlargement Exercise


If you want to challenge yourself with a more workout routine, elevated push-ups are the best bet for you. Place both the feet on a Swiss Ball. If you don’t, you can use the edge of your sofa. Support your upper body by placing your hands on the floor.


Your body should be parallel to the floor. From this position we earn on early sentance, follow the steps in doing a regular push-up. Bend your elbow to lower your upper body and straighten your arms afterward to complete one repetition, 5 Natural Breast Enlargement Exercise


This type of push-up variation puts your shoulders, core, mid back muscles and pectoral to work more.



4. Dumbbell chest press: Strengthen Your Body While Working Towards Firmer Breasts, 5 Natural Breast Enlargement Exercise


Targeting & focusing the muscles in your chest, shoulder, and triceps, chest press is a classic & old school bust augmentation exercise. For this, you have to lie back on an exercise bench or a mat. You also need two dumbbells or weights for this exercise, one for each hard.


5 Natural Breast Enlargement Exercise


You should extend your arms as you can, palms facing forward, forearms pointed at the ceiling and your upper forearm parallel to the floor. Your elbows are chest muscle level and bent on the starting position. Slowly, extend your arms until they are straight. Exhale as you push your dumbbells upward, 5 Natural Breast Enlargement Exercise


When the dumbbells meet, inhale while you make your way back to the starting position. Depending on your fitness level differ from person to person, you can do one to three sets with eight to 16 reps each every other day. Take 30-second breaks between each set.


You can also do this routine on an inclined bench or a beanbag. You can do one set of this exercise twice or four a week with 12 reps each.



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5. Butterfly Press: The Most Popular 5 Natural Breast Enlargement Exercise


It’s great for your body to do this exercise at a local gym in your locality or area with a butterfly press machine. If you want to do this at home and you don’t have the proper equipment, Get a pair of three or five-pound dumbbells.


5 Natural Breast Enlargement Exercise


Sitting with your back against a straight-backed chair or chest. Place your forearms on the both armrests on your side so they are parallel to your body weight. From this starting position, draw your arms closer in front of your whole body. Inhale breath as you bring them together and exhale breath as you stretch your chest muscle tightly out your arms properly, 5 Natural Breast Enlargement Exercise


For the correct posture butterfly press exercise, starting weight should be 30 lbs or less. The recommended set for beginners or freshers is one set of 20 reps each. Take a two-minute rest between each rep if you decide to do more than one set. While resting, do not drop the weights.


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